What is BioHacking?


Today we live in a very different world to that of what we know or are used to.  The Health and Technology industries are accelerating at an incredibly face pace.
There is no such thing a 9 to 5 job, we live in a world today where we are always working.  Technology has made it so easy to just always be connected, be always on.  But with this comes a lot of unforeseen circumstances as us humans are still the same people but pushed to mental and nervous breakdowns, pushed into addiction, pushed into a zero-reward lifestyle.  To add to this it has become this lovely convenience of fast food stores everywhere which means we can still feed our children at night.  Living these lifestyles however are not sustainable and its almost guaranteed to end in bad marriages, bad relationships with your children or even worse; cancer, diabetes, obesity, fatigue, burnout.  all these conditions are a result of bad diet, bad routines and bad choices.

We are not doomed however but rather just ahead of the curve.  I have become passionate about life and the balance of it by using partly eastern techniques together with nootropics (smart drugs) to cheat the system, however, this is not the silver bullet.  It is a huge part of it but there is more to this.  I have been researching for sense of purpose for some time and I eventually think I got it.  This isn’t a 1 pill wonder but rather a lifestyle which supports our new demanding lifestyles.  This brings me to my site which is unique and is a composition of 3 areas which will make you whole, divine, capable, happy and most import puts you back into the driver’s seat of your life.

I have identified the 5 most suffering profiles which affect me personally in one way or another.  This isn’t only for these profiles but rather the ones I have extensive experience in.

I would like to raise a challenge and guide you through this process.  So if you fit one of the following descriptions then please read understand and give it a try, I will have a blog where I will take constructive feedback even if negative and will adjust to make it perfect for you.

Its not all doom and gloom, why not be that girl or guy and give 200% everyday, be the supermon, the hero dad, or the undrugged amazing child you have.

In closing please have a look at the profiles available today, more will come but these profiles have been worked out with the perfect or rather complementary supplements , supplements that work like no other which are accompanied by dietary recommendations and diets/recipes which is a work in progress but will become richer over time.  So thats 2 sides so far, the hack you mind, hack your body and lastly be you religious and or spiritual hack your soul.

At the far left is you version 1, as you progress through Mind, Body and Soul Hacks you come out on the right at version 2


The smart drug or brain hack concept is not new it just hasn’t been available in every store. The main reason for this is that you could get 2 different products with the same ingredients but the most or more pure will obviously be better.  Through various channel and studying the described profiles we have created the perfect stack of what you should do to benefit you problem, your edge or your pure advantage.

You must remember that the brain is still the most important organ in your body and yet we buy all sorts of vitamins that don’t help the brain at all.

What makes this site different is that we have engineered the perfect stack to give you  that advantage and be a better you this “limitless” but without have supper powers, however once you brain is utilized through the right supplements you will feel the reward instantly, those end of day 5 o clock meetings don’t become a mission any more as your brain will be working in the same manner in which you had your first meeting.

This being said it obviously applies to all the profiles currently available.  Just to reiterate we have struck up a nice partnership with prime health who have the most amazing base supplements which in every one of my profiles it will supplement them.

Then not to be dismissed in another 2 pillars which make this site unique.  We have the Hack you Body section where will advise on nutritional and exercise information for the specific profile and then the Hack you Soul section which will have some tools and techniques in dealing with life, it will have mid over matter guidance and we will make recommendations for meditation rituals or simple meditations apps which guide you through everything.



Mind Hacking is the new and safer way to adjust brain chemicals to achieve more without prescribed dangerous and damaging substances from our pharmaceutical friends.  We live in excitingly novel times when we have made quantum leaps in understanding, testing and controlling our own biology. At a time when many of the leading minds in medical science and technology believe that the first immortal human has already been born and you can get your personal DNA genotyped, it is not unrealistic to say that you can have total control over your own biology.



Body Hacking is the process of making changes to your lifestyle in order to “hack” your body’s biology and feel your best. You know the saying, “You are what you eat”? That actually applies to humans in a broader sense: everything we put into our bodies — our foods, our thoughts, our physical movement ­— all affect how we behave. By biohacking yourself, you can actually transform your body so that you feel more energized, be more productive and, overall, feel like the best possible version of yourself, remember this is “you version 2.0”. It doesn’t involve being a mad scientist and running crazy experiments with your body. Instead, it means using various hacks/diets/nutrition to see which diet works best for you.

This section will be dedicated to match the associated mind stack profile.



SoulHacking is possibly the oldest for of any “biohack” this is the process of going back to our roots. A somewhat controversial issue as this is where we cross the religion vs spiritual vs science barriers which in actual fact are all the some thing. This is where we free the soul, be it through praying, meditating, relaxing or connecting to some else. In our new crazy lifestyles we often forget about how powerful mind over matter and self healing is. We are running to find a quick fix pill and carry on. Soul hacking will expose again simple techniques to align with the profiles associated in the Mind and Body sections. This site will also however bring to light some back to basics theories and uplift awareness around spiritual, religious and digital modern tools to help achieve balance again.

Profile’s of Interest


At launch we are only concentrating on specific profiles in which we have put a considerable amount of effort in creating.

This will be the one thing that sets us apart from the other click and buy stores.

Each profile will have each aspect of MIND, BODY and SOUL applied to it, starting with the brain enhancing formula to the diet and exercise recommended followed by the meditation, motivation or inspiration techniques and methods to create a complete you.

A new you but version 2.0



Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) is a disorder characterised by hyperactivity, impulsivity and inattention.


An almost cool to have since so many of our children have it now. (Or Not)

Has the education system changed, are teachers becoming softer and more irritated. (Who Know’s)

I can tell you from personal experience and that I had to (ADHD) kids that required Therapy and then medication, this is where I lost it it with the monopoly system.

Most people are to busy to DEAL with children these days and it is way to easy to be ADHD, unfortunately with ADHD comes Ritalin and Adderall.

Do you know these are Methamphetamines and Amphetamines, or put more clearly the drugs that rot your organs and when abused kill you.

These are drugs are also very expensive, so why not go back to basics and treat with a “Smart Drug” alternative with the correct diet and methods to use to assist.

A controversial topic but one we take very seriously…

Full ADHD replacement for ADHD/ADD

There are 3 options available when using these 2 products but having done extensive research there is some stigma attached to natural/herbal products vs product that have synthetic substances in them, just to note these are legal and not any for of street drug aimed directly at the current amphetamine product which have the major addiction rates.

The ADHD Advantage is the Ritalin / Adderall replacement with additional advantages like enhancement of cognitive function and as a result promotes less agitation in the day and better sleep at night.
The other “Prime Mind” product is a completely natural supplement but with all the brain vitamin and cognitive requirements to allow support for a more healthy brain.  This of this as a brain multivitamin.

  1. Recommended option is to buy both the ADHD Advantage and the Prime Mind product and use in conjunction – to not: if bought as a combo it will be at a reduced price.
  2. If you are weary about synthetics but want to start with the vitamin approach then this will be a good option to see if you can restore balance with just supplementing what ADHD needs more of naturally.
  3. Lastly and this is just based on research in creating the recipes for these stack is that both children and adults that are on high doses of ritalin or adderall and require it, you could still introduce the whole stack to support and supplement and then being able to at least lower the dosage and bad side effects from 40mg to 10mg per day for example.

We are planning to launch the product in March 2018

If you have further info please send an email to info@joeynet.co.za


Executives today find themselves in stressful situations every day which have become more demanding over time.  Today an executive is nearly working, thinking and operating 24/7/365 from which they can’t easily escape, their brains becomes flooded with emotional, sensory or cognitive inputs which jam the circuits and kicks off the ‘fight or flight’ responses associated with panic.

Executive functions like memory, planning, reasoning and decision making start to shut down, which makes it even more difficult to find a way out of the situation leading to nervous breakdowns.

It doesn’t have to be this way, justs like an executives work has increased in load, stress and requirement so has the health industry with advancements in supplements that actually seed this cognitive behaviour and prevent those meltdowns from happening.

We have come up with an Executive of the future profile which not only gives you an advantage in the boardroom but supplements essential nutrients that would otherwise just be depleted

Cognitive Disorders


Alzheimer’s disease is the most common form of dementia in older people. It is characterized by memory loss, deteriorating language skills, and impaired judgment. This disease affects 5 percent of people ages 65 to 74. The older a person gets, the more likely he or she is to develop it. While treatments exist to help improve symptoms of this condition.


This disease affects most of your body and brain because of problems with certain nerve cells in the brain. When someone has Parkinson’s Disease, nerve cells are broken down and can’t make enough dopamine. Dopamine is the key neurotransmitter that sends signals to the part of your brain that controls movement. When there isn’t enough dopamine, the signals get frayed and your ability to move your body is weakened.


Currently there is no cure to these very unfair but very common diseases and until recently were actually had no test to diagnose them.

These degenerating disorders unfortunately don’t have any great or proven drugs to cure, some claim to prolong but the truth is the evidence is limited.

Smart Drugs or Nootropics have really stirred up things in this area as they target mainly the brain and its cognitive function.

and although also not very well documented you can find information out there that claims these “supplements” have actually yielded between 6% and 12 % cognitive function/ability which to date has been the only thing that’s had such good results.

We are advancing everyday and until we have something medical this remains a passion of mine and hope that those who read this at least give it a try.

Please Note: These specially created stacks can also be used for schizophrenia and narcolepsy – please note this does not replace the role of existing medication it only helps supplement natural chemicals.

Again this profile to be titled: I think, therefore I do ! will also have important dietary and spiritual guidance/meditation techniques associated with it.

Learning Stresses

With exams looming on the horizon, students find themselves under a lot of stress and tend to over burden themselves by wanting to learn more than they are able to manage. It is a human nature to look for shortcuts and easy ways out of a situation. Similarly, students are looking for any and every opportunity to manage stress and excel in the examinations. Over the past decades, nootropics have surfaced as one of the few, legal, and safe ways to help a student remain focused and excel in their exams.

Most students tend to procrastinate, leaving studies for later. This means that as exams near, there is a lot to cover over a limited time period. The human brain on the other hand has its capacities, and trying to learn too much in a day or two can quickly become taxing.

This profile is not limited to Students alone but think about the working class studying at the same time, those long evenings, trying to not only pay attension but to stay awake and actually absorb the infomation going in.

The Learning Edge profile tackles this exact problem or requirement, supported by not only these safe substances but also recommends diets or power foods to eat during this time.

No more redbull and jelly babies just to stay awake, rather save your kidneys and prevent that unescapable crash that follows

The Athlete Advantage

The ultimate challenge, How do you become that good, remain that good and then…

Get Better

This is probably the most controversial topic but perhaps the easiest one to speak to,

The sport industry is so regulated, so tested, so extreme that we are expected to become super humans by pure nutrition and zero substance.

Until now, being an ultra athlete especially and endurance athlete is not for sissies and there are no shortcuts but wait.

Its in the nature of the elite athlete to get better and train harder, so why not supplement that alone and not give some shortcut.

Supporting the he/she who works the hardest will be rewarded and will win.

This is going to be such a good profile to participate in as we will have named athletes, Physios and Chiropractors input into the nutrition and meditation side of things.

As for the supplements involved these are 100% natural and unlike my other stacks this one has been developed already and is available today


Mitochondrial ATP production is the primary natural cellular energy source in our body, which is required for nearly every biological process, including cognitive functioning and physical activity. Thus by optimizing ATP production and fuelling the body, you can begin to function with next level performance!


Prime Brew Nootropic Infused Performance Tea Prime Brew is the first of its kind to hit South Africa! A Performance Tea designed to: Optimize health. Optimize Vitality. Optimize Performance! It is highly recommended to add this tea as a futher healing supplement to any of the above stacks

Prime Brew is a cutting-edge performance Tea blend, with a Synergistic combination of Roasted Yerba Mate, Adaptogens and Nootropics to result in a truly exceptional performance Tea!

This exciting blend of herbs, with a delicious and refreshing CinnaMint (Cinnamon + Peppermint) natural flavour, will Fuel both your Body & your Mind, leaving you with a sense of clarity, focus and overall well-being.

Each Pouch Contains 20 Tea Bags

Contains a Small Amount of Natural Caffeine

100% Natural, Plant Based Ingredients

Each Tea bag contains a blend of Roasted Yerba Mate, Adaptogens & Nootropics herbs